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We’ve been translating for global market leaders since 1990. To give you a better idea of just who we work with, here's what some of them have to say about working with us.

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We feel so proud that these companies and others like them have chosen us to be their long-term partners.

Lenovo One of the biggest
technology companies
in the world

BMW Well-known manufacturer
of the best-selling
luxury cars and motocycles

Badger Meter An internationally
recognized manufacturer
of flowmeters

Continental One of the biggest
automotive suppliers
in the world

Emerson A major player in the field
of electrical engineering, with
branches all over the globe

"We’ve been working with ZELENKA since 2007 and they flawlessly translate all of our marketing documents. We appreciate their personal approach and their perfect translations. ZELENKA really is a reliable partner if you need expert translations, and we’re happy to be working with them."

Ondrej Tretina



"We can’t believe how well you can sort everything out."

Martin Slavik



"ZELENKA is a reliable partner for us. Not only are the translations great quality and they always keep their deadlines, we really appreciate their personal and friendly approach - it’s rare to find."


"Their tailor-made solutions are exactly the reason we chose to work with ZELENKA, and have been doing so for a number of years now. We definitely recommend them."

"ZELENKA has saved our bacon on a number of occasions e.g. when we needed a large number of documents translated into many different languages in just 24 hours. Communication with them was helpful and friendly. They delivered exactly when they promised, and the quality was great too. Thank you!"

"Thank you for the quality translations. You exceeded my expectations."


"We’ve been working with ZELENKA for over 11 years. We’re really happy with them and are looking forward to the projects to come."

"We’re very satisfied with ZELENKA. We really appreciate their professional approach, excellent communication, and speed."


"Despite all the challenges we give you, the quality of your translations is always the best. Translations are always sent back to us on time, and the quality is flawless. We really appreciate your personal approach, flexibility, and willingness to help."


"We’re really happy with ZELENKA. We really appreciate their flexibility and the speed they can do our translations. The quality is always good too."

"We really appreciate ZELENKA’s willingness to help and the quality of the services they offer. We’re very satisfied and they come highly recommended."

"ZELENKA provides us with good-quality translations that are always delivered on time. We really appreciate that everything goes without a hitch, and are looking forward to this partnership continuing in the future."


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