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ISO 9001 – Quality management system

All the processes related to the creation of translations and localizations projects are thoroughly analyzed during internal and external audits. It is only when all the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard are met, will an independent certification body grant us the relevant certificate. The audit for the industry standard for translation agencies ISO 17100 is carried out in the same way.

These audits are an important part of our company’s annual scheme. It is our way of making sure that we are doing our very best to offer the highest-quality translation services to our customers in the efforts to increase their satisfaction.

ISO 17100 – Requirements for translation services

There are many specific rules that define the ISO 17100 standard and to provide a high level of translation services, a reliable agency would have to fulfil all the specific requirements. Some examples include:

  • ensuring sufficient human and technical resources,
  • respecting the professional competencies of translators,
  • respecting the prescribed procedures and processes when creating translations,
  • carrying out thorough checks and proofreadings,
  • and many more.

The ISO 17100 standard sets very strict criteria and it is absolutely necessary for a translation agency to adhere to these processes before being awarded the certification. It is a process that we strive to improve on a daily basis so that in the long run, our customers will reap the rewards.


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