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Providing the highest-quality translations is every translation agency‘s dream because quality, in a client's eyes, is the basic parameter in the selection of a translation supplier. But how can a translation agency show that their translations are of the best quality? The answer is simple: Internationally recognized ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 standards.

Tereza Verbikova
Quality Manager

Customer satisfaction comes first

ISO 9001 standard strives to meet the main objective, continuous increase of customer satisfaction. This might seem easy enough but building a reliable quality management system is an ongoing process that presents an immense amount of consistent work. We strive for the same purpose by constantly working to improve our translation services.

Management is the foundation

Nothing happens by accident in the translation process. It takes an extensive amount of meticulous planning whereby everything is described, checked and evaluated. Precise quality management is the foundation that thorough management and setting the correct processes in place is built on. All these aspects contribute to the developed processes needed to increase the quality of translations which in turn leads to an increase in client satisfaction.

Thousands of experienced translators

With access to more than 7000 highly qualified translators from 220 different fields, our vetting and selection system for each translator is strictly in accordance with the ISO 17100 standard requirements. We meticulously monitor work processes and implement measures to ensure that the quality is constantly upheld. Our secret, however, for perfectly coordinated cooperation is the effort we put into building friendly and often personal relationships with our translators. This greatly influences the seamless workflow in getting your translations delivered on time in the best possible quality.

The continuous improvement of quality based on the ISO 9001 standard

In addition to ISO 17100, our translation processes also work in accordance with the internationally recognized  ISO 9001 standard. This means that your translation projects are  managed by only experienced linguists, all experts in their respective fields and only professionally educated native speakers with years of experience will take care of all text revisions. This is just one of the many ways we work to ensure that the quality of our translation services is consistently maintained.

Everyone plays a part in the quality of translations

All our translations undergo a complete analysis that is ensured by all our employees for the final evaluation, from proofreading by native speakers and experts in the field to computer checks and the internal inspections of the overall quality. The quality management system and final checks ensure that even the smallest bugs are caught in our translations, before it reaches our customers.

Feedback is important to us

An essential part of the entire quality management system is the meticulous evaluation of our clients’s satisfaction. We work tirelessly to keep the overall percentage of translation complaints to a minimum and our track record has been predominantly low so far. Our success in this area has led to our existing customers remaining loyal and acquiring new customers have increasingly become easier with success stories from satisfied customers.

We are 100% discrete

We consider all information that passes through our systems as strictly confidential and each one of our employees and translators are bound by a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). Our discretion covers all classified information and our confidentiality clause ensures the protection of all documents (both source and translated documents). Rest assured that your company and personal data will never get into the hands of any third-parties.

Still have questions?

Our Quality Manager is ready to answer them. Catch her at +420 777 221 032 or at

Tereza Verbikova
Quality Manager
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