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Zbynek Zelenka

General Manager

I founded ZELENKA in 1990 with the vision of building a company full of quality and reliable experts. I wasn’t afraid to surround myself with people who were better than me, and I listened to them carefully. As a result, we managed, step-by-step, to build up a translation company our partners could rely on whenever they need us.

Iva Vedrova


Besides the strategy and management work that must be done in every company, fostering a team is important for me as well. A robust team of talented, enthusiastic people who take joy in work done well and honestly stands behind all our translating, interpreting, language teaching, and graphics editing. I highly value the energy they pour into every project. Our customer references confirm that this is the right approach. Having people like these around me is inspiring, and I am truly thankful for them all.

Michael Borkovec

Head of Projects

I’m in charge of all our projects, and I’m going to successfully finish yours, too. It’s all thanks to my years of experience and our team of very competent colleagues. As my business card says – ‘Leave your worries to me’.

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Ondrej Konecny

Head of Sales

Thanks to my previous experience as a project manager, I know the translation process inside out. I am able to propose cost and time-effective solutions without promising the impossible. Each of my clients can be sure that I will stand up for them and see each project through to a successful finish. I communicate openly at all times and am happy to advise on anything.

David Moznar


I’m a warrior in my heart and soul, and you can see it in my work. I fight for every single project of our Czech and Slovak clients and I don’t stop until they are absolutely satisfied. And that’s something you can absolutely count on too.

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Sarka Kadlcikova

HR Director

My primary objective is to make sure our colleagues and translators feel well taken care of and feel motivated. One way of doing this is through our team building activities and training events which I help organize. And as an HR Director, I always treat everyone fairly and give them a chance to show their best. :-)

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Daniela Skacanova

PM Team Leader

As the head of the project department for English-speaking clients, I make full use of my strengths – I pass on my experience to my colleagues, I take care of the most demanding projects and, when necessary, I also throw myself into linguistic tasks (I love languages!). I am proud that we can rely on one another in our team and help each other whenever we need it.

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Stepan Krajca

PM Team Leader

As leader of the CZ/SK project team, I feel like a duck in the water. I can fully devote myself to helping my colleagues develop and at the same time apply my passion for innovation – I am always looking for ways to do things more efficiently. I also enjoy collaborating with other departments and love getting my colleagues as excited as I am about innovations, which we can then work together to implement. And be careful asking me about pivot tables or file formats – you won‘t be able to stop me once I start. :-)

Barbora Smykalova

PM Team Leader

In my role as the head of the German division, I feel a great responsibility for both my own work and that of my team. I try to see each member individually, show my interest in them, and display empathy and humanity. The aim we are all striving for is professionally executed work for our customers. If an obstacle appears along the way, I take it as a valuable lesson that pushes me ahead. And I encourage my team to do the same.

Tereza Verbikova

Quality Manager

I am responsible for making sure that we consistently maintain the highest level of quality in our translations and that we meet all international standards. Being a quality manager also means preserving the quality of the services we provide and all internal processes in the company.

Jiri Srotir

IT Manager

I oversee the smooth operation of all our servers and computers and train artificial intelligence to streamline our processes. I also manage the security of our entire IT infrastructure so my colleagues can focus 100% of their efforts on your projects with peace in mind.

Jiri Kouril

Head of DTP

Since an early age, I needed to have everything neatly organized, arranged and in its place. I had no idea that this would become so handy in my role as the Head of DTP. Everything we produce needs to be exact and meet our client’s requirements. And I can keep my eagle eye on it.

Eva Dohnalova

Marketing Manager

When somebody produces work as fine as my ZELENKA teammates do, it’s a joy to show it to the world. And that’s precisely my job: using promotional materials, web pages, social media posts and more to show everybody what we do, and especially how well we do it. I take my work very seriously and responsibly. After all, at a company where words like reliability, helpfulness, mutual respect and honesty are not just empty words, it goes hand in hand with our everyday life.

Petra Kunovska

Senior Project Manager and Business Development Manager

My main job at ZELENKA is the project management of translation projects for customers from the Czech and Slovak Republics, but I also arrange interpreting for clients from around the world, which I take as a welcome change of pace. In my work for both of these duties, I carefully select the best suppliers to ensure everything goes smoothly and the customer is maximally satisfied. This work sits well with me, because I’m organizationally inclined and I enjoy communicating with everyone – from customers to suppliers to my colleagues on our team.

Marketa Jurakova

Chief Accountant

I like to keep things in order and I'm pretty meticulous. At the same time, I don't shy away from a challenge and I'm generally very action-oriented. And I'm also a big optimist and like to keep my perspective at all times. All this helps me in my “ant-like” work with numbers.

Eva Osohova

Vendor Manager

I believe the roots of successful cooperation lie in communication and mutual trustworthiness. That’s why in my work with translators, I strive to ensure they know they can turn to me at any time with both technical and ordinary problems in their daily lives. I’ve also already acquired experience as a project manager in the past. Thus, I know pitfalls that await on both sides – translators’ and PMs’. That leaves me all the more eager to ensure people have everything they need for good work, everyone’s satisfied and looking forward to future projects. Behind all the monitors sit people with their own individual stories, and that’s how I approach them. :-)

Lukas Pospisil

Business Development Manager

As a business manager, I’m in charge of taking care of current customers and gaining new ones. I’m always pleased when I can tell my partner in conversation how to handle their situation – whether it’s a crisis or “just” operational. To guarantee I can help or advise customers in every instance, I’m constantly striving to improve my project management knowledge. This ensures I always have precise and up-to-date information.

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Matej Machala

Business Development Manager

Customer satisfaction, finding the best solution, and transparent, active communication – these are the main aspects of my work. I secure customer requirements, explain the ideal approach and ensure everything goes smoothly. And if an obstacle does appear, I’m always ready to overcome it. To this end, I use the experience I’ve gathered as a project manager. It lets me understand the translation process from start to finish.

Celý medailonek

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Zuzana Konecna

Assistant Chief Accountant

Dana Shuster

Administrative Assistant

Tereza Dostalova

Senior Project Manager

Klara Lindnerova

Senior Project Manager

Lucie Flamova

Deputy PM Team Leader

Marek Sinar

Project Manager

Enerel Enkhbaatar

Senior Project Manager

Klara Ciernikova

Project Manager a Interpreting Manager

Kristyna Mannova

Project Manager

Barbora Machalova

Senior Project Manager

Sebastian Möller

Project Manager


Barbora Jandlova

Project Manager

Michaela Cernocka

Vendor Manager Assistant

Barbora Cagankova

Assistant Chief Accountant

Miroslava Cechova

Assistant Chief Accountant

Katerina Petrujova

Project Manager

Sarka Jurikova

Project Manager

Silvie Vaculcikova

Project Manager

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