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Zbynek Zelenka

General Manager

I founded ZELENKA in 1990 with the vision of building a company full of quality and reliable experts. I wasn’t afraid to surround myself with people who were better than me, and I listened to them carefully. As a result, we managed, step-by-step, to build up a translation company our partners could rely on whenever they need us.


Roman Zelenka


Over the years, I have worked in every position in our company, and in 2008 I took over. I identify with its defined values and every day I help the whole ZELENKA “family” do the same. Honesty, fairness, the courage to work hard, and a friendly approach – these are the strengths we use most when helping you succeed.


Iva Zelenkova

Customer Relations Director

My job mainly involves keeping in close contact with our VIP clients and providing them with the best care possible. I joined the company in 2007 and am very happy to see where we’ve come since then and how positive the feedback we receive is. ZELENKA is where my heart lies.


Juraj Porada

Head of Sales

I’m in charge of ZELENKA’s sales department. I make sure our clients from both the Czech Republic and Slovakia have everything they need. A fair and friendly approach is a big part of what I do, and that’s another reason why I enjoy my job so much.


Krisztian Szinapisz

Sales Director (DE/AT/CH)

For years I’ve been in charge of a team of sales representatives for German-speaking markets and I deal with VIP clients. I take pride in being reliable and precise, and I keep my word under any circumstances.


Jana Pokorna

Quality Manager, HR Manager

My job is to check and maintain the quality of our translation services and all internal processes in the company. I absolutely guarantee that our work is top quality and meets international standards. And as the HR manager, I always treat everyone fairly and give them a chance to show what they have.


Michael Borkovec

Head of Projects

I’m in charge of all our projects, and I’m going to successfully finish yours, too. It’s all thanks to my years of experience and our team of very competent colleagues. As my business card says – ‘Leave your worries to me’.


David Moznar

PM Team Leader, Deputy Head of Projects

I’m a warrior in my heart and soul, and you can see it in my work. I fight for every single project of our Czech and Slovak clients and I don’t stop until they are absolutely satisfied. And that’s something you can absolutely count on, too.


Barbora Smykalova

PM Team Leader

I’m good at anticipating what our clients need and I do my best to meet their expectations. I’m good at communicating and it helps me successfully negotiate with VIP clients from German-speaking countries.


Dana Shuster

Business Development Manager

My job is to establish contact with translation agencies from Europe and the USA. ZELENKA’s working style is similar to my own. I respect their drive and precision, and how they make things just perfect. It’s what I admire and what inspires me.


Zuzana Jurigova

Business Development Manager

People always tell me that they know I’m smiling when I’m talking on the phone, and they’re absolutely right! I really enjoy talking with clients and I believe you’ll notice that right away, too.


David Klouda

Marketing Manager

I'm in charge of showing the world the great job my colleagues do and how they can get the most out of our services. Marketing materials, social media, PR, dealing with service providers... no matter what I'm doing, I make sure that the spirit of our company shines through: top-quality translations with a human touch.


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