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Graphic editing and document conversion by professional graphic designers

Our DTP studio will save you significant time and money on the graphic editing of your documents. We are happy to edit translated texts, as well as any other documents in professional graphic or publishing formats. We make sure to perfectly match all fonts, pictures and tables with the original files, or we can even edit them based on your suggestions.

With 10 highly experienced graphic designers at our disposal, the wait to see your finished documents is never long.

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Smooth conversion between formats

Need to convert documents quickly and flawlessly from one format to another? No problem. We work with all commonly used formats on a daily basis, including PDF, DOC(X), INDD, PPT(X), VSD, PUB, XLS(X), FM, DWG, QXD, CDR, PSD, P65 and PMD.

Precise formatting

Need to change the formatting of your documents?
Whatever you have in mind, we can make the adjustments quickly.

Flawless conversion of documents from paper to digital form

Using OCR technology, we can convert your paper documents into a digital form that can subsequently be edited by you. It goes without saying that professional formatting, stylistics, and content comparison are included.

Need your documents converted and then edited for you? Just say the word! Our graphic designers can manage all types of text and graphic editors.

Templates and interactive forms

MS Word and MS PowerPoint templates – professionally prepared document templates are important for harmonizing and projecting consistency throughout your company’s corporate communications. They also save you and your colleagues a lot of time otherwise spent on repeatedly inserting graphic elements, formatting, creating lists, etc.

We can prepare templates exactly according to your wishes and your company’s design manual.

Interactive PDF forms – we can generate them for you with any number of fields, check buttons or drop-down lists. You can also decide which sections need to be filled in and which ones remain locked.

Once again, incorporating design manual criteria into such forms is no problem at all for us.


We’ve got all software and formats covered

Our experts can work with all standard PC and Mac formats. They’re also used to working with a wide variety of software, like:




MS Word
and more
and many more…


Exotic fonts?
No problem

If you can’t speak a particular language, leaving your texts to an expert is a must. That’s especially true if the language has a different alphabet, like Chinese, Russian, Arabic, or Hindi. No matter the language, we can help, and our native speakers will even check the document before it’s delivered to ensure that everything is just where it should be.

Our honest advice
keeps your costs down

We want to see you succeed, which is why we offer free consultancy to all of our clients. It’s our aim to save you money, and make sure that you’re not paying more than you should be when it comes to language services – DTP included. We will sit down and recommend ways to streamline your translation and DTP services, taking the weight off your shoulders.

“I’ll have the DTP, hold the translation”

If you don't need anything translated, but still feel like your documents could use an expert graphic designer’s touch before they’re ready to go, just say the word. Our team will be more than happy to help.

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