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More than just a translation

Let’s start right from the beginning. For many people, the difference between translation and localization (L10N), isn’t always clear. Localization is essentially a specific type of translation, usually for a piece of software or a website, that is designed with a specific country or even region in mind. Although all good translations should have an element of localization, localization takes things one step further. Instead of focusing on just words like in translations, localization will make sure that pictures, people’s voices, and the content is 100% suitable for the target country, giving the end-users that local feel.


Enter foreign markets with the right foot forward

Workflow is another place where translations and localizations differ. Our expert translators will work with your resource files, filtering the code into two parts: the part that needs translating, and the code itself (which of course won’t be changed). Here’s a bit more about our workflow:

We extract the text from the code
Our experts translate the text
Another one of our translators proofreads it
The finished translation gets imported into the original format
You check the result and let us know if there’s anything you’d like changed
Our testers assess its functionality in the new language
Your software, website, video game, etc. is all ready to go!

Our expert project managers are fully trained in working will all different file types, so no matter what you need, we can help.

Quality with a lifetime guarantee

When it comes to quality localization, we’ve got your back. That’s why all our localization services come with a lifetime guarantee. Our dedicated Quality Manager will make sure that your texts are flawless, overseeing the whole localization process and ensuring our translators have followed our stringent quality checks before delivering the project back to you. We know all of this pays off, as we have a success rate of 99.87% on all the projects we’ve done.

Consistency is key to good work

If you're getting something localized, it's likely that more parts will need it, too. To really communicate your value to your customers, it's important to remain consistent. Our linguists are specially trained to use special tools that ensure everything remains the same.

We can even help you create your own personal glossary for our translators to use, making sure that your website and online store, for example, are fully consistent.


Leave your software to the experts

Market-leading companies from all over the world have been relying on us to take care of their software for years. Our services let them rest assured that our finished product will function just like their original ‒ in whatever language they choose. We take pride in our ability to provide clients like you with that confidence. Need something special done with your software? No problem. Our flexible team of experts will be happy to help!

Localize your website with the pros

If you’re looking to expand into a new market, a local website is necessary. Making sure your new website represents you to the fullest is a job for experts, and it requires more than just a translation. We’ll make sure that your text fits, and is culturally suitable, giving your clients the feeling you’re local.


Game localization is childsplay

If you need your game in a different language, our localization experts can help. We’ve got a team of translators who are also passionate gamers, who know just how your game should be. We understand game localization, and know that localization isn’t just about writing – we’ll make sure that your navigational elements, in-game texts etc. are flawless. You can trust us to deliver a perfect game, ready for success in a new market.

Give your media a new voice

We can even localize audio and video projects. We regularly localize radio ads, YouTube videos, tutorials, company presentation videos, and commercials, to name a few. Whatever you need, our team of native dubbers are ready to help.

We understand your localization needs

Localization is a job for an expert, and we just so happen to know a few. We understand that each type of project should follow a different style, based on what it’s for. Another issue that translators deal with, for instance, is adhering to the spacial constraints of a program’s text. This is why we’ve hand-picked each and every one of our linguists to ensure your needs are always met.

As localization is so specific, our prices differ for every project. Get in touch and we will put together a tailor-made quote for you, so you pay for exactly what you need - nothing more and nothing less.

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