2014 – ZELENKA Puts Even More Focus on Translation Quality

Zbyněk Zelenka

Zbyněk Zelenka

1. 4. 2014

Thanks to our recent success on the market, we can afford the luxury of not focusing on quantity so much, i.e. on raising the number of translated texts, and instead focus on the high quality of translations by moving some investments from advertising and marketing to human resources and project management.

The following chart shows the growth of the number of the translation services we have provided in recent six years and the number of complaints.


The chart shows that even when the number of translation services has in recent 6 years almost doubled, we still managed to keep the number of complaints below 0.3%. We would like to keep or even improve this value. This is our top priority.

We have achieved the above-mentioned results in recent years thanks to quality teamwork on all levels, from our translators, proofreaders and DTP specialists to project managers, company management, sales representatives and our clients, who have begun to cooperate in an even better way by providing us with necessary information and better feedback.

Using up-to-date translation tools, including quality assurance, a sophisticated human resources policy focusing on practicing quality communication with clients, and customer support in the form of consulting focused on improving the quality of company documentation, e.g. creation of terminological glossaries – all these have been very useful to us. The same goes for checking the whole system of quality management using internal and external audits.

Quality translations have always been and still remain our top priority, even in this period of dynamic growth for our company.

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