Aukro on their satisfaction with our language services

Iva Vedrová

Iva Vedrová

14. 6. 2015

We’ve been providing Aukro with a wide range of services from our portfolio, and we wanted to know how satisfied they are with our work.

I sat down with Eva Kraváčková, Aukro’s HR specialist, to listen to her thoughts on our work together. 

Eva, we’ve had a working partnership for quite a while now. To start things off, we’d like to know how Aukro is doing. What are you particularly proud of?

Aukro is now in a consolidation period and our main focus is House & Garden. Our position in Czech e-commerce is strong in this segment, and we’d like to continue developing it. Collectors and antique dealers form a segment that is just as important to us, though. In the Czech Republic, our company is clearly number one on the online market; not long ago, a gold ducat issued by Ferdinand II in 1633 was auctioned off for 910,000 Czech crowns on our website.

Our agency has been providing you with a wide range of services. Are you satisfied with our work?

We’ve been working with you for over 7 years now, and that is only possible because we are absolutely satisfied with your work, especially when we make use of the whole portfolio of your services, i.e. language lessons, interpreting, and technical translations.

Regarding the language courses, what kind of feedback do you get from your employees on the quality of our teaching?

Definitely positive. Currently, there are over 40 courses, and we especially appreciate the flexibility of the instructors, their quality, and their willingness to adjust to our needs.

Our agency has provided you with an interpreter, too. How did that go?

Yes, you arranged an interpreter for us to consecutively interpret in English for a colleague at a strategic management meeting. The whole event was a success, and your interpreter did an excellent job. 

We’ve been translating texts for you for a long time. How would you assess this part of our cooperation?

As I’ve said, given the number of years we’ve worked together, I can only prise you. Aukro chooses its contractors very carefully and ZELENKA has been a reliable partner. And it’s not only about submitting excellent translations and keeping deadlines, which you’ve always done. We appreciate your personal and friendly approach, too, as it’s quite special.

We’re glad our working style is helping your company. Is there anything new that you’re working on right now?

Soon customers will be able to list items in our Cars and Motorbikes categories for free. We’ve gotten rid of the insertion fee, so anyone who’d like to sell their car or motorbike will be able to make use of the popularity of Aukro, free of charge.

Interesting! Thank you for your time, Eva. We’ll continue doing our best so that you’re satisfied with our services.

I’m happy to provide feedback for you. And the fact that you’re interested in your client’s opinion is yet another sign of the quality of your approach. I’m looking forward to continuing to work with you and wish you all the best!


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