BMW came to us with a true challenge. Mission accomplished!

Zbyněk Zelenka

Zbyněk Zelenka

26. 6. 2016

BMW CZ imports BMW and MINI cars into the Czech Republic. Not long ago, it was tasked with having its complete website translated into Czech. Over 250 000 words of content. BMW headquarters set a two-month deadline, which many language companies said would be impossible.

So they organized a competitive tender to find a translation partner who was up to the task. We participated and won, as our translation was deemed the best of those submitted. However, we faced a difficult task – ensuring a sufficient number of automotive translators, making sure the extremely tight deadline was kept, and submitting all the translations in the elite quality the BMW community expects.

Typically, it takes around nine months to translate a website of this size. Given the deadline, though, we had to quickly put together a team of specialized translators and proofreaders to immediately start working exclusively on this job. A large job like this would have indeed been impossible without our modern technologies. With them, our translators are able to easily share a translation memory and consult problematic terminology. We can also check the whole translation process – and all in real-time.

Thanks to this we were able to translate the whole website for BMW in flawless quality within the promised two months.

In addition, we also created a terminological dictionary for BMW and thus unified the technical terminology used across the whole website. All special phrases and sentences can now be translated in a unified way, further strengthening the prestige of the brand in the future.

Cooperating with ZELENKA was just excellent. We quickly agreed on everything and received the translations in top quality. Everybody was open and friendly, so our communication was surprisingly pleasant. We are very satisfied with the services ZELENKA provided and are happy to have them as our partner into the future”, said Petr Skaloud, Marketing Communications Manager at BMW.

After this successful “test” of our abilities, we now translate technical documentation, advertising campaigns, catalogs, contracts, newsletters, and many other texts for BMW.


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