How We Saved a Major DIY Retail Chain 236,000 € on High-quality Translations

Lucie Flámová

Lucie Flámová

12. 10. 2020

The origin of our “translation mission”

When one of Germany’s largest DIY retail chains contacted us, they were facing a serious problem. Their previous translation suppliers had not been completely reliable – many projects were delivered late and often with many mistakes. A poorly translated text can seriously damage an entire brand, which this DIY retailer could certainly not afford (in fact, no brand can). So, it announced a new tender and we were given the opportunity to prove to this prestigious German client that a translation company from the Czech Republic can provide first-class translations at a reasonable price, on time, and with professional service.

The winning ticket? Reasonable price, high-quality translations, and first-class service

We have saved this company, which has over 50 years of experience under its belt, over 236,000 € on translations in the last 8 years alone.

This was made possible thanks to CAT tools – modern software that helps tremendously with the entire translation process. It’s biggest feature is highlighting text that has already been translated in the past (thanks to something called translation memory). And since we charge significantly less for processing already translated texts, over time every client of ours saves a lot of money on every single translation.

As you can see in the graph, if this client would have continued to cooperate with a translation company that doesn’t utilize modern software, they would have paid 236 000 € more for their translations.

And these savings were only the beginning

We know all too well that professional service and open communication are also essential to our German clients. If anything needs to be solved, we are always ready to find a suitable solution. Meeting deadlines poses no problems either and we know how to stay calm under pressure, even during demanding, large-scale projects. Our friendly style of communication is key to overcoming challenges and developing working relationships. :-)

One of our biggest challenges for this client was a project that required a large number of texts to be translated in a relatively short timespan. Through close cooperation with the client and a carefully planned process, we were able to put together and manage a team of 15 translators and delivered the project on time. The client was satisfied with our work and commended us for remaining reliable even in times of trouble.

We are also a reliable partner for other German clients

For 30 years, we have strived to be more than an ordinary translation company; we want to be a reliable partner that clients can always trust. We find meaning in helping them grow and fulfill their vision.

We know how to coordinate the translation process so that our clients can rest easy. We are able to translate large projects quickly without sacrificing on quality. We provide comprehensive services – high-quality translations, favourable prices, technical support, graphic design, professional advice – and above all, a listening ear.

We offer translations in 120 languages and are prepared to become your sole language service provider. Having everything provided by one supplier reduces time spent communicating, invoicing, and planning, especially when our well-coordinated team of project managers is at your disposal to optimize the translation process from A to Z.

We are ready to become your language service provider, too. Just get in touch.

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