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Zbyněk Zelenka

Zbyněk Zelenka

28. 8. 2015

Our technology has saved EMCO group over 125,000 Euro so far.

ZELENKA has been collaborating with the EMCO group for seven successful years now, and business connections between the companies have grown very close. To mark this special occasion, we arranged a meeting between our German sales director, Krisztian Szinapisz, and the technical documentation department at EMCO‘s company headquarters in Hallein, Salzburg (Austria).

EMCO was founded in Austria in 1947 as a manufacturer of turning lathes. Since then, the EMCO group has evolved into one of the leading European corporations in its field, the manufacturing of tooling machines, and it also manages sites in other European countries, such as Italy and Germany. The enterprise group comprises a network of top European suppliers for the tooling machine industry and is known for its superior production quality and its motto, “Made in the Heart of Europe”.

Since our translation company has started working with the EMCO group, we have translated for them in more than 14 language combinations. ZELENKA was able to save EMCO a total of 126,000 Euro thanks to its modern technologies – that is a 30% savings! By working with EMCO to create a glossary and by adjusting and continually updating its translation memory, we were able to save the client this huge sum. Such modern technologies make it possible to complete projects faster and more efficiently.

Mr. Rupert Bernhofer, head of the technical documentation department at EMCO, provided the following feedback:

ZELENKA provides us with all the languages we need, has comprehensive know-how to offer and is also very precise. ZELENKA’s many years of experience make it an expert company in their field and they are able to provide us with fast and cost-effective solutions in any situation, saving us an enormous expense.


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