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Zbyněk Zelenka

Zbyněk Zelenka

20. 1. 2015

Lenovo ( – the world’s leading computer producer, has been a valued client of ours for several years now. Our managing director, Roman Zelenka, had a chat with Lenovo’s marketing manager for Eastern Europe and Turkey, Robert Janasek, to find out how Lenovo feels about the services we provide them and to give us some insight into what we have achieved together.


Roman Zelenka: What made you choose us to take care of your translations?

Robert Janasek: There were several, of course, but the main reason we chose ZELENKA was probably the savings we have seen since the start of our co-operation. You promised us cost-effective language services, and this is exactly what you’ve done. Have a look at the chart below to see exactly what I mean:


Since we’ve started working together, ZELENKA has translated 1,750,000 words in 11 language combinations for us. We have been saving money since day one, and the savings keep on coming! We are looking forward to this continuing in the future.

Roman Zelenka: We are always really happy to receive such positive feedback. What other services do you think have been the most important for Lenovo?

Robert Janasek: One of the most essential things is the fact that you created a translation memory (TM) for us. This saves us around 25%, which is an extremely significant amount, considering how much content we have translated every year. In 2014, for example, we managed to save 16,000 euros just by using your technology. You can have a look here at how the savings have been increasing, and what we expect in 2015.


Roman Zelenka: Besides saving money on translation services, what else do you find important?

Robert Janasek: In our case, it was crucial that ZELENKA provide us with 11 language combinations. This really showed their expertise as they were able to organize multiple translation teams, which demonstrated the excellence of their human resources department.


Roman Zelenka: You’re right, it really does take a strong team to have such experts readily available. Were you happy with the quality of the translations we provided?

Robert Janasek: We are continually impressed by the high-quality translations which you have been providing us with from day one. The use of modern translation technology has proved a really important step; we are really pleased we followed your advice. We also found it really helpful that you were willing to create several new glossaries especially for us. They ensure that all of our documents are consistent in terms of style and technical terminology.

Roman Zelenka: We would have never have been able to achieve such outstanding results without the use of modern technologies (e.g. translation tools). How would you evaluate the quality of communication with our team?

Robert Janasek: We really like the fact that we always get a prompt reply whenever we contact you. Your quotes are always set-out clearly and contain just the right amount of detail. You also strictly follow the contract we have together. These are just a few reasons why we are looking forward to working together on future projects.

Roman Zelenka: We are really pleased to hear that. Our main goal for the future is to continue providing excellent all-round service. This is especially true for everything mentioned above, such as prices, providing complex language solutions, maintaining our high level of expertise, overall quality, and excellent customer service. In order to keep improving, we really value your feedback. Thank you very much for taking the time to speak to us. We are looking forward to seeing where the future will lead us.

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