People of ZELENKA - Sarka Kadlcikova

16. 9. 2022

“I’ve been at ZELENKA since 2007, and right away I was pleasantly surprised at how nice the atmosphere is here. How people often head out together after work instead of banging out eight hours and rushing home.” That’s how Sarka starts out her ZELENKA bio.

She started as a project manager and later led a whole team as well. But over time she learned her true calling was a little bit elsewhere. Topics such as company culture, hiring procedures, HR, and organizing events really caught her interest. And because we at ZELENKA believe everyone should mainly do what they’re good at and like to do, Sarka received the opportunity to switch over to HR.

And that turned out to be the right choice.

“In HR I found my place right away. I like communicating with people – and even if it’s sometimes exhausting, since you can’t satisfy everyone 100%, I still enjoy it. In my view people should never stop learning, and I’m learning from others every single day.

Today as the HR Director I’m in charge of hiring new employees, introducing them to how our company works, and taking care of the people we already have, as well as organizing Christmas parties, team-building events, meet-ups with clients/suppliers, and much more. It’s full of variety, and that’s precisely what I like about it.”

What does Sarka enjoy most at work?

“There is a lot! Like when I manage to hire the ideal new teammate or organize a great non-work event for everyone here. I also like just pleasantly chatting in the kitchen while we’re waiting for the coffee to be done. But what I love the most is when someone achieves some big success and shares that with me. I just feel great when other people do. :-)

Sarka’s motto is “With every heartbeat,” because she goes into everything wholeheartedly, at work and everywhere. She’s travelled across several continents, and she loves animals and sports. She runs, bikes, plays badminton, and prances through the mountains. And she also passes her passion on to others, both in her family and at work.

“Oh, and I have to note that I’m really grateful for how I can maintain my work/life balance at ZELENKA. I’m used to getting up early in the morning (my daughter Sara Marie taught that to me), and when I can, I split up my work so that I can manage everything and still have time for my daughter. I swear by my family, so that’s very important for me, and I’m very glad for it.”

Sarka also remembered one funny anecdote:

“I’ll never forget this one call we got from a client. I picked up the phone and introduced myself, and on the other end all I heard was laughter and then two questions: “Are you kidding me? Seriously?!” Because the caller was one Sarka Kadlcikova from Ostrava. And over here in Zlin, her call was taken by me, Sarka Kadlcikova... born in Ostrava!”

And to wrap up, let’s add the words of our CEO Iva Vedrova, a close acquaintance of Sarka for many years:

“The praise you’ve read for Sarka’s work in this bio is primarily to her own great credit. She infuses her work with the most valuable thing of all – that which no boss can ever ask of anyone, but when you have it, and when you put it into your work, it’s the biggest win for the whole team – I mean her heart. I appreciate both of Sarka’s opposite poles – her sensitive and empathic side, which she mainly puts to work during interviews, but also her other side – toughness, energy, and strength. She engages it during badminton matches – or when there’s a crisis, during which she’s able to keep you afloat thanks to that side. She’s a daily inspiration for me and a driving force, and I’m very glad to have her among us.”

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