ZELENKA’s Recipe for a Quality Translation

Zbyněk Zelenka

Zbyněk Zelenka

25. 4. 2016

Zbynek Zelenka, David Klouda (www.zelenka-translations.com) Two years ago we published an article about our translation services. Now we’d like to show you an updated graph with the number of translation projects we’ve have done for our clients since then. graf

We’re really pleased that the number of projects we’ve been doing has increased so much, and are even more proud of the fact that since publishing that last article we’ve been able to keep the number of complaints to under 0.15%. That means we’ve actually halved the number of complaints from previous years! This isn’t an attempt to show off or anything. We really just want to pass on what we’ve learned, in the hope that it helps both our clients, as well as the translation community, better understand what it takes to provide genuinely quality translations. So get ready for a look at the secret ZELENKA family recipe for effective language services.

Why are our translations such good quality?

1.     We have a great team


The success of any business, sooner or later, comes down to its people. So it’s no mystery why we’ve spent the last 25 years hand-picking every single member of our team. We currently have 30 employees (project managers, sales managers, graphic designers...) and work with over 6,000 freelancers. Each year we translate for thousands of clients, translating into over a hundred languages for over 220 different industries. A strong team of experienced employees and translators is a real must.


2.      We commit to top-quality

Everything we do is in accordance with ISO 9001 and EN 15038/ISO 17100 standards. And for us, these certificates aren’t just wall decorations. We work hard to meet these standards and are always looking to better ourselves, especially from the feedback we get from our clients. These are just the basics of our quality management.


3.      We care about every single project we do

Big projects, small projects. We approach them all with the same level of interest and determination to do the very best job we can. Before getting to work, we always make sure we’ve got everything we need from our clients, and that we’ve chosen the most appropriate team of translators and other professionals to accomplish the task at hand. All this goes into delivering top-quality services at the agreed-on deadlines.


4.      Using the latest translation software is a normal part of the job

We‘ve been in business for over 25 years, and have seen some big advances in technology during that time. Modern technology helps us out on a daily basis, and we work with all the latest CAT tools like SDL Trados, Across, MemoQ, and Memsource (15 in total!). Features like a translation memory, terminological dictionaries, or format checks help us and our translators work more effectively and can even reduce our clients’ costs significantly.


5.      Our experienced consultancy is completely free

Whether it’s ours or our clients, time and money are both things we hate to waste. That’s why we offer our in-depth consultancy services for free!

We know that the time we spend discussing and analyzing exactly what you need is a great investment for everyone involved, because it increases the quality and turnaround of our services, and even lowers your costs in the process. Here are two scenarios to help clarify exactly what this service can do:

With consultancy – Hand-picked team of translators, suitable CAT tool, and having your terminology means quicker translations, higher quality, and even lower costs.

Without consultancy – Difficulties with unifying terminology, choosing the right CAT tool, and choosing a suitable team of translators. This’ll mean extra costs in the long-run.

Long story short, our quality translations are a combination of years of experience, a hand-picked team, excellent quality management, modern translation technology, and getting the right advice. Long story even shorter: Why ZELENKA? Because translations are what we’re here to do. Looking for quality translations?

Simply get in touch and we will get right back to you.

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