Entrust your translations to an LSP with over 30 years of experience

We started out in 1990 in a single office with a handful of translators. Today our team of over 7,000 linguists offers professional translations into 120 languages across 220 fields. Every year we also pass ISO 17100 and ISO 9001 recertification.

In 2023, CSA Research ranked us 5th among Eastern Europe’s largest LSPs. Besides translations, we also offer interpreting, subtitling, localization, DTP, and other services.

We proudly provide language services to a number of translation companies and we'd love to see you join them.





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An enthusiastic partner for extraordinary projects

We’ve delivered over 300,000 orders, so we have a verified process for standard jobs that’s constantly perfected – but we also know how to tackle the most unusual jobs.

For example, what if you need your text processed in a CAT tool almost nobody uses, and no other supplier wants the job? No problem! We’re used to studying, learning to use and delivering translation projects in even the lesser-known applications.

We strive to find the best solutions for you and help you grow your business.

And we also just plain love challenges!

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We respect your uniqueness and we’re ready to give you a hand

Each of the translation companies among our customers is a little bit different, and we know how to adapt. We’re well aware that each LSP project has its own specifics, such as:

DTP formatting based on templates provided

Requirements for various CAT tools


Preferred LQA tools

Special pricing method

As an LSP ourselves, we recognize the importance of sticking to your own processes and we are ready to respect your requirements down to the very last detail.

Quality first

We understand how important it is for you to keep an eye on the process using quality assurance guidelines.

Following them down to the letter, even if it means investing in new tools and training, is just one of the benefits we can offer you. We choose the best translators for the job and train them in all the needed processes – including LQA and the creation of terminology glossaries or translation memories.

Even the biggest projects are no obstacle to our schedule

We have rich experience with delivering urgent orders, some of which are also very large. Naturally, without a fine-tuned process this would be impossible, so here is our approach:

  • As soon as we receive an order,
    we analyse its difficulty and scope.

  • Based on this we select the most suitable translators and reviewers right away.

  • We place the translation jobs with the selected translators in a way that lets them work simultaneously. That makes order delivery come considerably faster.

  • We take every step to ensure top translation quality – we assign a head reviewer, use a shared translation memory and a list of terminology for the team of translators, and address their queries as they arrive.

All this lets us guarantee express delivery for even the biggest jobs.

We can handle every file format

We're not limited to the most common file formats – we work with all of them. From XML structures to CAT tools you might have tailored only for your own purposes.


Even when your formats are far from standard, our approach remains smooth and standardized. Our project manager tries out the given environment, gets familiar with it and then trains our translators in it as well. Throughout the project the PM remains available to help them at any time.

30+ years experience

An enthusiastic partner for complex projects

Thirty years in the field have left us very aware that there are jobs which demand extra work, care, and communication with both the customer and our suppliers. And also those which require a truly detailed, personal approach. We’re ready for it all. You can count on us to successfully finish all of your projects, no matter their complexity.

You can rely on us for the long haul

Partnership is a value that is embedded into everything we do. While we do know how to handle and complete any one-off project you may require, we also want to remain honest: We value long-term partnerships more than anything.

A long-term partnership with Zelenka means several important benefits for you:

  • Our communication will line up and speed up
  • You’ll save on translations over time as the translation memory for your customer grows
  • We’ll understand your projects better and be able to deliver even faster

And above all, with us you’re getting a truly reliable language services provider. We ourselves are an LSP, so we know that you need to send translations to your end customers at reasonable prices and the required level of quality – all of which goes better within a long-term partnership.

More than anything else, we believe in long-term and mutually fair cooperation.

Here are some of the challenging projects we have behind us:


We’ll master and use your internal tools with ease

One of our services is translating subtitles for movies and TV shows. And one new customer surprised us a few years back. They wanted translations of subtitles, but their own internal tool was the only tool allowed. An unusual request for some, but we took it on! We wanted to help the customer out, and even though the tool was completely new for us at the time, we came up with an effective process.

The customer trained one of our internal translators in working with this tool, and then after she got used to it, she herself trained other translators, whom she then also led during the project. All 10 trained linguists could then work simultaneously and thanks to that we were able to carry out the whole project in time while maintaining top-notch quality.

As you can see, we take complications and seemingly insolvable problems as a challenge. We always do all we can to help out our customers – while also learning something new.

We translated 20,000 pages as an express job

It’s only thanks to our constant innovation and our work with modern translation and DTP tools that we could deliver such a difficult project so quickly. One of our customers needed to translate 20,000 pages of technical manuals and drawings as an express job – and these were even sent as scans (in image formats) rather than text.

There was no time to waste. We assembled a team of twenty DTP specialists and translators who worked full-time on this order alone. After completing the translation, we sent back translated documents in the professional Adobe InDesign and also AutoCAD formats to the customer, and naturally print-quality PDFs as well.

It was exceptionally demanding, but the customer highly appreciated our flexibility, as well as our ability to deliver such a large job to a tight deadline.

We managed to translate in MS-DOS

A few years ago, we received a truly unexpected request. The client needed to translate hundreds of thousands of words in a translation software that could only be launched on a 20-year-old computer, and also only in the MS-DOS operating system! We fearlessly leaped into the task!

For us and for our translators, this was a trip down memory lane where we had to do even the most basic operations via DOS commands and, when the work was done, we had to perform complicated data transfers before we could check the quality – or deliver the final version to the customer.

As you can see, we can handle even the strangest orders.

So how about it – how can we help you?

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