“We Just Love Your Energy!” and Other Things Clients Are Saying About Us

1. 3. 2018

Listening to what our clients have to say is very important to us at ZELENKA translation company. Feedback is our best opportunity for us to learn and grow so that we can continue to provide our clients with the best language services possible.


What did our clients appreciate most in 2017?

"Even exotic languages ​like Romanian is in your repertoire. For larger projects, we really appreciate how sometimes you’re able to even beat the deadlines you set for yourselves. We’re also constantly in awe of your marketing communication, which is unlike anything else we’ve seen on the Czech translation market."

We constantly strive to improve our translation services to offer a wide range of languages. To date, we are able to offer 120 languages in roughly 220 industries.


"There’s no sweeping under the rug. If any inconsistency arises, you’re on it immediately. You always keep us informed and updated, and in a timely fashion, too.”

We're all human here and all humans make mistakes. What's important is how we respond to those mistakes. Our approach is to immediately confront possible mistakes head-on. Waiting too long to react has the potential to negatively impact our clients' businesses, and that's not acceptable for us.


"It never ceases to amaze me just how personable you all are when you communicate with us. Your company culture and your energy is unlike any other vendor we’ve engaged with. Our experience with other vendors is always just business as usual. But, cooperation with ZELENKA always feels natural and genuine.

I truly value your ability to give us great advice, and our cooperation is taken to the next level with every translation that you do for us. We always look forward to every meeting! "

Having a personable approach to our clients is part of our core values, so whenever time allows, we find ways to interact on a more personal level. This not only goes for business meetings, but weekend sporting events, cycling adventures and annual ZELENKA Events, all of which are informal get-togethers with our VIP translators and clients.


"You’re incredibly fast in responding to customers in US time zones (EST)."

This has always been a hard nut to crack for us, but we’ve managed to develop a system where we are available for different time zones all around the world. And our partners seem to really be liking the results.


"It just works."

What more could we ask for? :-)


But let’s not stop here

It is always an immensely satisfying feeling to receive such positive feedback from our clients. It gives purpose to everything we do and what we strive for -  give our best and be there for our clients as a reliable partner.

It is also a clear indication for us that we should stay focused and committed to maintaining a high level of quality and constantly work on ways to improve ourselves to stay a trusted language service provider for years to come.

We also know that our success would not be possible without our clients, so thank you! You make our jobs enjoyable each and every day!

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