Are You Ready for Tekom and Tcworld 2018?

5. 11. 2018

Stuttgart will host one of the most internationally recognized conferences focused on the world of technical communication. The combined tekom and tcworld conferences bring thousands of experts from around the world every year, and like many industry experts, we make it a point to regularly attend.

The professional workshops and lectures ensure that we are kept up to date with the latest market trends so that we are better equipped with the knowledge needed to process the thousands of translation jobs from various technical fields.

We also consider other similar conferences to be the ideal opportunity to meet with our clients while becoming acquainted with new ones.


What do you mean “there won’t be a stand this year”?

It’s true. In recent years, we always made sure to set up a relatively original stand, like the one with an indoor cycling trainer or our special edition Coloring for TWB. However, this year, we decided to step away from our traditional approach and instead of investing in a stand, we decided to invest in something on a more personal level.


This year's theme: An Evening with ZELENKA!

Based on the concept of our ZELENKA Events, roughly 30 VIP clients, translators, and experts in the translations field will be invited to join us in a relaxed and casual environment where experiences and ideas are openly shared, to engage in meaningful discussions and where stronger relationships or outright new friendships are developed. A nice and cozy restaurant just opposite the exhibition halls will leave more room (literally) for socializing.

We trust that you’ll be able to find us at the fair even without a stand but drop us an email anyway to set up a meeting

There will be live Twitter or Instagram updates from Stuttgart, be sure to check those out!

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