From 22nd-25.3.15 we will be taking part in the GALA conference in Seville

20. 2. 2015

The language industry is constantly facing new challenges, which makes it even more important to share our experiences with one another. This is the exact reason why we feel it is so important to invest the time in meeting our fellow members at the up-coming GALA conference

To start things off, we are looking forward to making the most out of the CEO forum on Sunday. After that, there will be a wonderfully wide range of topics featured in the program, including these exciting keynotes:

On Monday, the conference will kick off with a presentation by Hogarth, who is the world leader when it comes to special marketing translation known as transcreation. The second day will begin with a presentation by the founder of the new, innovative company Gengo. Formed in 2008, this startup has achieved some pretty impressive results in a very short amount of time. The final day will be finished off by the vice-president of Lionbridge, which is one of the most well-known translation companies in the world with a turnover of around 600 million dollars.

We would love for you to come and have a chat with us, especially if you are interested in sharing any experience you’ve had introducing new technology and if you have some exiting new ideas to help the translation industry grow.

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