How did our customers assess our cooperation in 2016?

14. 2. 2017

Even though we’ve been active on the market for 27 years and have been working with some of the biggest companies in the world, we never lose sight of what’s most important to us—listening to all of our customers. It’s their feedback that enables us to improve, building even stronger relationships with them. From the very beginning of each partnership, it’s our aim to become a top provider of language services as well as a reliable business partner our customers can lean on anytime.

We recently sent out an open-ended feedback questionnaire to our biggest clients. Of all those who responded, 60 of them gave us responses in amazing detail, which really means a lot to us! Here’s what a couple of them had to say:


“We appreciate the excellent teamwork with the team that takes care of our company: Eni Enkhbaatar and Zuzana Jurigová. Professional and friendly, they always work with us to find the best solution. Thank you!”

We’re happy when our customers mention specific members of our team in their assessment. You’d be amazed to see how motivating such direct appreciation of somebody’s efforts can be. :)


“Simple and precise communication; the standard e-mail form is the perfect way to quickly find the information I need. I also appreciate how promptly even the tiniest complications are resolved without being swept under the carpet.”

This feedback shows the important values on which ZELENKA is built, for example, easy-to-understand communication and proactive problem-solving. We’re all human and mistakes can happen; what matters most is how you decide to deal with them. At ZELENKA, we deal with the problem head on, and we’re happy to hear that our customers appreciate it.


We also asked our customers to “grade” us on a simple scale. The results show that the level of quality of our translation services, the speed at which we process jobs, and the style of our communication either “as expected” or “beyond expectations”.

Even though we consider this a decent result, we don’t want to rest on our laurels. We will therefore be working even harder in the coming year to push customer satisfaction even higher in 2017. :)

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