Konnichiwa! We are getting ready for the Japan Translation Federation Annual Conference

14. 11. 2016

We offer translation and other linguistic services to companies all over the world but there is always an opportunity to extend our cooperation and win new clients. And that is exactly why we are going to Japan! Our working culture is very close to that of the Japanese (long-term partnerships with our clients, aim to the highest quality standards...) so this year we are setting our sights on deepening relations within this area of the Asian market.

On November 21, our CEO, Roman Zelenka, will travel to the land of the rising sun!

And our project manager, Jakub Válek, whose Japanese is perfect by the way, will be accompanying him!

They have already arranged meetings with some potential Shanghai-based business partners, but that’s just for starters! On November 29, they’ll be attending the Japan Translation Federation Annual Conference. An event like this one draws the largest translation agencies from all over Japan and is a great opportunity for us to make friends, agree on future cooperation, and offer our language services.

So, if you plan to be at JTF 2016, and want to meet with Roman and Jakub, let them know at jakub.valek@zelenka.cz or call them on +420 775 867 707. They’re also available to meet outside the conference, too.

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