Our Campaign for the Handicap Zlín Association is up! You Can Help Too

16. 5. 2017

We care about those around us, and do our best to help the people and organizations around us that feel the same. These are the groups that make the world a bit nicer, better or more bearable. This approach is extremely important today (more than ever) and when it comes to health, it is even more precious.

That’s why we’ve launched a campaign for the Handicap Zlín Association, which has been helping people with disabilities for decades. After ever-decreasing funding began threatening its operations, we started contacting some Zlín-based companies and together have raised over € 2,250 so far. And now here’s a chance for you to get involved. We would be glad to see you participate and raise enough money for the association to continue its activities.

How to help? You can send any amount to the following account:

IBAN: CZ33 0800 0000 0014 0005 5339

Contact us at david.klouda@zelenka.cz if you have any issues donating – we’ll talk you through it.

It may sound cliché, but we’ll say it anyway: every single cent can help make the lives of people with disabilities a bit nicer. And being a part of that is truly a great feeling!

In addition to the internet and social media campaigns, we’ll also be running in the Zlín half marathon to support the Handicap Association. So keep an eye out for our special t-shirts!

Feel like joining us? Let us know!

Finally, we’d like to sincerely thank the companies PRIA and Aukro for being the first to join the campaign and for helping us spread the word.

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