The latest additions to our “GREEN family”

21. 9. 2016

Since the very beginning, we have aimed to achieve both gradual and permanent growth as a company. Recently, however, the rate of that permanent growth has increased, so we went on the hunt. Not just for talented professionals, but for people who support the open and friendly way we do business. For 26 years and counting, this approach has helped us maintain a well-coordinated team with almost no staff turnover. Here’s to another 26 of the same!

That said, let’s meet the new additions!

Roger Smith has taken to the position of Business Development Manager for English-speaking countries very nicely. He learned about us through an advertisement on Facebook. We’ve been using Facebook to recruit for only a year now, but if Roger is any indicator of the talent we can find out there, then we’re definitely going to continue.

Eric Jokiel is our Business Development Manager for German-speaking countries.

And given the ever-growing number of jobs, we’ve hired three more project managers. From today on, our office is happy to welcome Adéla Petráková,


Jakub Válek


and Štěpán Krajča.

Oh, hello there!

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