The Vienna Marathon was a big challenge for our team

17. 4. 2013

The event is perfectly summed up by Mr Juraj Porada, a member of the ZELENKA team:

"First kilometre... second kilometre... third kilometre – easy... tenth kilometre – making good time... sixteenth kilometre – man, Schönbrunn... twenty-second kilometre – halfway there... thirtieth kilometre – ouch, my legs hurt... thirty-second kilometre – just ten kilometres to go... thirty-fifth kilometre – Jesus, why did I ever sign up?... thirty-ninth kilometre – I’ll just cross the bridge now and reach the finish line... kilometre 40.8 – where on earth is kilometre 41?.... kilometre 42 – Maria Theresa is looking at me in despair ... kilometre 42.125 – Hofburg Destination... In a few minutes I will be lying on the lawn in the park with a medal around my neck, filled with joy and pain, experiencing the beautiful moments after the marathon.
.... Three days later, I am still having a hard time taking a step without feeling pain in my legs, but I am happy as result of the amazing experience that was the marathon."

You can check the photos from the marathon on our website with informal activities.

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