This year’s external audit: ZELENKA has once again improved their quality system

12. 5. 2016

External audits are the ideal opportunity to verify how well our quality system is doing. That’s why we arrange for annual audits, to have it confirmed by an external authority.

At the beginning of April auditors from both ITC and CQS confirmed that we comply with ISO 9001 standards. The auditors didn’t find any problems at all, and praised us on our readiness and our open communication style.

We’re really happy with the outcome of our audit, especially as it shows our clients that we’re working effectively and their translations really are in the best of hands.

Now we’re busy preparing not only for next year’s ISO 9001 audit, but we’re also aiming to get certified for ISO 17100, which will eventually replace the EN 15038 standard. ISO 17100 is an international norm designed especially for translation agencies, showing which ones really are the best in the world.

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