We became a "Car Accident Heroes” at the last teambuilding

19. 4. 2017

The way we see it, quality work requires a well-coordinated team of colleagues. Therefore, ever since we founded our translation company, a large part of our culture has been to prepare interesting teambuilding events for our colleagues (and sometimes even for our suppliers and customers). We ride bikes, go hiking and karting, and even do battle in a laser arena! Keeping things fresh keeps us engaged and gives us something to reflect on together.

And we’ve just finished up one such activity:

We contacted SORUDO (Czech-only website) and ordered a training for the proper response and first-aid provision during a car accident. This is a situation everyone can find themselves in, so it's good to know what to do. The whole course’s preparation was extremely thorough and we got the chance to try out everything important: from reporting the accident to basic first-aid care, to resuscitating victims. We’re sure that after completing the course, we are able to deal much better with such a situation in real life.

It brought our team together even more and now we are slowly beginning to wonder what teambuilding activity we’ll embark on next. We’ll certainly let you know about it on our Facebook or right on our not-so-formal activities page.

Take a minute to check out the video of the course:

We thank SORUDO and recommend this course to everyone!

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