We gave language courses worth CZK 9,000 to students from Tomas Bata University

21. 4. 2017

When the Faculty of Humanities at Tomas Bata University asked us if we wanted to support their Show off / Zeig dich competition, we leapt at the chance. Our translation agency employs alumni of many different departments at Tomas Bata University, so we know that supporting events like these makes sense. They provide students with experience that can be extremely valuable, for example when looking for part-time jobs or permanent work, or when starting up their own projects.

What did the competition involve?

Students had to prepare presentations in either English or German on one of three topics:

the most important skills for the jobs market, what a good career looks like, and the values and benefits of teamwork. It’s no secret that we’re proud to sponsor events of this kind. Tomas Bata University fosters outstanding talent and we’re pleased to be able to contribute too.

That’s why we gave each of the competition’s two winners a language course at our language school. The courses will be tailored to the students’ individual needs, so they won’t be taught what they know already, but will instead improve in areas where they feel less confident.

Congratulations again to the winners. We’re looking forward to next year’s competition!

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