We’re supporting Translators without Borders at tekom. Come join us!

7. 11. 2016

We’ve admired the work Translators without Borders does for quite a while and have been their avid supporters for just as long. This non-profit organization provides language solutions for humanitarian crisis response and for health and education development programming. TWB works with non-profit partners and professional volunteer translators to bridge the language gaps in the provision of aid. They also work with new technologies to ensure that translated content is delivered in the appropriate format and they provide training for local language translators around the world.

In short, they want to help in places where people cannot help themselves, and that’s something we can definitely relate to.

That’s what motivated us to come up with a special way to help – a way that would encourage others to help too.

And by “others,” we mean YOU!

So here it is: We’re bringing an indoor racing bike to tekom and turning our booth into a proving ground, similar to the one most of us have seen on the very popular Top Gear series.

The rules are pretty simple: just get on the bike and start pedaling as fast as you can. Your goal is to go as fast as possible in 20 seconds. Your fastest speed will be recorded and written down on our special board.

At the end of the conference, we will add up the ten fastest speeds and donate the resulting sum in euros to Translators without Borders. For instance, if the top ten speeds total 680 km/hour, we’ll send 680 € to TWB’s account.

So if you feel like challenging yourself, having some fun, and supporting a great non-profit organization, all at the same time, then visit our booth (2/A06)!

See you there!

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