We translate for BMW… how about that!

3. 1. 2017

Motto: hard work and a constant willingness to help improve our clients’ lives in any circumstance. For 26 years, that is exactly the motto our translation company has used to build an extensive portfolio of clients, most of whom turn to us for high-value language services regularly and have been doing so for years. In this industry, having a long-term, reliable partnership with a translation company just makes sense.

Some time ago, when an opportunity to work for one of the most prestigious brands in the automotive industry came along, we were excited, despite the challenge we saw ahead of us.

BMW Group Czech Republic put out a call for tenders to translate its entire website from German into Czech on a very short deadline. One thousand standard pages in just two months! All the same, we got the job done and that was the start of our partnership with BMW Group Czech Republic.

These days, we regularly translate technical documentation, advertising campaigns, catalogs and lot of other texts for BMW. Since client feedback is very important to us, we asked the representative of BMW for a few words about working with us. The video below comes courtesy of Petr Škaloud, Marketing Communications Manager for BMW/MINI.

We’d like to thank BMW for being such a valued partner and we’re looking forward to many more exciting projects in the years to come.

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