We translate for the biggest producer of computers in the world – Lenovo

17. 1. 2017

We’ve been partnered with Lenovo for several years now and have translated over four million words in 12 language combinations for them. Working for Lenovo is certainly a privilege, but we also see it as a serious commitment and treat it as such.

We regularly put together teams of translators who can translate these 12 language combinations, which is quite a challenge for our HR department. The solid relationships between our competent translators and our quality management make the process a lot easier, though. We are quite strict on ourselves when it comes to quality because, if it’s not a first-class language service, we don’t provide it. And we’re very happy to help companies such as Lenovo with tens of thousands of employees all over the world manufacturing useful products.

From our side, working with Lenovo is just perfect, but we’re always interested in the opinions of our clients, so we asked Lenovo’s representative to share a few of her thoughts on our partnership. Interested what she had to say? You can watch it here, courtesy of Jana Štrbová, Digital Marketing Manager.


A big thank you for this awesome video reference! We’re looking forward to continuing to provide with only the best of what ZELENKA has to offer!

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