Did our translators enjoy working with us in 2016?

7. 3. 2017

It’s no secret: we live for feedback. And not just from our clients. The opinions of all of our translators matter just as much. So at the start of this year we once again asked our linguists to rate their experience of working with us, to help us find areas (if any) where we can improve.

We apply the same approach to our translators as we do to our clients. We’re honest with them, we treat them fairly, like friends, and we do our best to accommodate their needs. And from the feedback we’ve received, it’s clear that the effort isn’t going unnoticed. They appreciate it and of course that makes us extremely happy.

But rather than making you take our word for it, here are a few comments that our translators sent us:

“A brilliant team of project managers, who always do their best to oblige, who will help me with technical problems even outside office hours, and who are always cheerful and very understanding.”

“I get total support, often above and beyond what’s expected of project managers.”

“Perfect teamwork. Very human when dealing with any kind of problem.”

“I honestly can’t think of anything about your work that you could do better. I’m happy to be with you all.”

We’d also like to share a more detailed comment which one of our long-time translators took the time to write:

“In the last few years, my work with you has been the whole focus of my life, and so for me it’s very important that over and over again in your dealings with me you’ve been so wonderful and accommodating. So, from me to everyone at ZELENKA: a great big THANK YOU.

“P.S. I can’t help but add one more point (though it’s nothing new) – I think of each and every one of you as ‘FAMILY’ :) ”

Overwhelmingly positive reviews like these are lovely to read, but at the same time we realize that they place a lot of responsibility on our shoulders for the future. So we’d like all of our translators to hear this: Thank you for all of your hard work and commitment, and we will continue to do everything we can to ensure that you’re 100% happy with us. :-)

And before we go, one more thing:

Are you a translator looking for regular work? If so, check out our Jobs page. You might be just the person we need. - > http://www.zelenka-translations.com/jobs

And even if we aren’t currently recruiting for your specialization, we encourage you to register on our vendor portal anyways. We’ll send you a test translation, and as soon as we receive an order that matches your profile, we’ll be in touch. ->


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