Our next teambuilding event? Mountain biking with our translators! We can’t wait!

3. 5. 2016

Here at ZELENKA we love any chance to get to know someone a little better, and that’s just as true when it comes to our translators.

We have a lot of cycling buffs in our team, so what better way to enjoy the spring weather than on our bikes?

Since nothing adds a bit of spice like some healthy competition, we’ve invited bike trail champion Josef Dressler along to give us some tips on cycling, like weight shifting and helping us with balance during longer rides. After that, we’re headed into the wilderness around the beautiful area of Vysocina.

We’re really excited because spending quality time together doing something we enjoy gives us lots of positive energy that can then go straight into our work.

 P. S.: Check us out on Facebook or Instagram (@zelenka_translations), where we’ll be posting plenty of pics.

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