Renowned CSA Research ranks us as Eastern Europe’s sixth largest translation agency!

25. 7. 2022

We’re delighted that a survey by independent American consultants CSA Research has placed us among Eastern Europe’s 10 largest translation agencies. In fact, their results for 2021 have lifted us into sixth place—our best ranking to date.

Translation agencies view this survey as very prestigious. It focuses not only on an agency’s revenues, but also on its customer portfolio, workflows and ability to adapt to translation trends. This makes us value our high ranking all the more.

Naturally this is not just to the credit of our internal team. It could never happen without our experienced translators and effective cooperation with our customers.

Placing sixth is a pleasure, but it’s no reason to rest. On the contrary, we see this as a grand commitment for the future, and so we will keep striving to offer first-rate language services to all our customers and be a reliable work provider for our translators, interpreters, and other suppliers.


About CSA Research (formerly Common Sense Advisory)

This independent market research company has been in business since 2002. It helps companies to develop their business and their access to international markets. Among other subjects, its analyses examine translation, localization, and interpreting processes. In its surveys for technology firms and language service purchasers and providers it also focuses on raising the efficiency of online and offline processes. 

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