We passed our ISO 17100 and 9001 recertification with flying colours

17. 4. 2023

We take the quality of our language services truly seriously. And that’s why we invited auditors from TÜV Nord to come once again this year and verify our processes against the requirements of the internationally respected ISO 17100 and 9001 standards.

This time around it was a recertification audit, which is truly in-depth and repeats every three years. In it, the auditors thoroughly check the fulfilment of all the conditions for the re-awarding of both certifications.

In our case this took the two auditors two days, because they had to examine things like our organizational structure, documentation from our internal audit, and minutes from key meetings, look into our infrastructure including IT security and processes throughout our departments, and inspect our work on specific orders.

After such a careful assessment of our work, we were truly pleased by the result—we stood the test of this audit and passed recertification. For this we immensely thank our team and especially our quality assurance department. :-)

The ISO 9001 standard

This standard deals with companies’ internal processes and their measurement and assessment, so that they can be made more efficient. We’ve earned this certification for the eighteenth time in a row.

This standard addresses for example:

  • Administration of documentation and infrastructure.
  • Human resources management.
  • Risk management.
  • Vendor assessment.

The ISO 17100 standard

Certification under the ISO 17100 standard is only available to translation agencies. And they must meet some truly tough requirements to earn it.

This standard addresses for example:    

  • Translation process management (from the quote to the final check, invoicing, and feedback).
  • Cooperation with sufficiently qualified service suppliers (education, length of practice, etc.).
  • Quality of technical infrastructure (hardware, software, information systems, etc.).
  • Arranging of security for all confidential information.

You can find out more in our article → ISO 17100 – The Globally Recognized Standard for Translation Services

Are you seeking a truly reliable translation agency? Ideally you should choose an agency with valid certifications for both norms. That makes it likelier that your orders will be processed carefully and at high quality. Naturally you can simply turn straight to us. We’ll be happy to provide translations for you—and other language services too.

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