In 2017 Our “Agency Family” Grew Nicely

16. 1. 2018

Every now and then during an interview someone says, “It’s like an interview to the FBI here!” Which is partly meant as a joke, but there is some truth to it. We pick our colleagues very carefully. We aren’t just interested in experience or skills—for us, personality and enthusiasm for the work are also truly important. We believe that above all else, a person must especially fit the team, and afterwards, additional skills can be learned or a colleague can gladly help.

But, of course, it’s not just about work in our company. We can also have some great fun at events with clients and translators, and even during team-buildings. Have a look at our Not-so-formal activities section to see how we unwind after work.


Who did we welcome on board last year?

Czech clients are newly (and happily) being taken care of by

Petra Kunovska Eva Machacova


The German section was boosted by

Lucie Flamova Barbora Machalova


The department for clients from English-speaking countries is now four faces stronger.

Beata Smykalova Jiri Spiess
Pavla Belohlavkova Lukas Matlak

And Milan Milian settled into the sales department.

We’re glad for our new colleagues because thanks to them, we’ll be able to handle work for even more clients. There will also be a bit more fun in the office now, which, especially on the really demanding days, is definitely welcome.

One last thing. If this sounds like a culture you’d like to be a part of, just follow our Jobs page and maybe we’ll soon be looking for someone just like you.

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