In March We Are Heading to Munich for the GALA Conference 2019. Will We See You There?

5. 3. 2019

Like most industries, the field of translation services is also moving forward in rapid strides. In order to keep up, we regularly attend conferences held around the world. And this March will be no different, as we head to the conference GALA 2019, where members of the international elite in the field of translation are set to descend on Munich.

While we are naturally looking forward to meeting our current partners and friends, as well as new faces, we also have another compelling reason for traveling to neighbouring Germany. Just like last year, the organisers have included us in the conference’s programme.   

Round table and panel discussion

On Tuesday 26 March, our CEO Roman Zelenka, Latha Sukumar from MCIS Language Solutions and Patrick Nunes from Rotary International will be appearing in a panel discussion on the topic Transforming Talent: The Modern Leader. The discussion will focus on the definition of a leader in a digital world, and on the best methods for training such a leader within a company.

On Wednesday 27 March, Roman is set to take part at an event under the name KnowledgeFest. Together with Kyle Kristoffersen and Jeff Guillem from TransPerfect, he will be discussing the subject Future-Proofing your Human Approach Toolbox. The main focus of the discussion will be on developing the values and skills of employees in a modern world while keeping up with the newest trends.

If you’d like a bird’s-eye view, check out the official video invitation from the conference organisers, there are some great images of this vibrant city:

Are you going to be in Munich between 24 and 27 March? Let us know! Contact to set up a meeting. We’d love the chance to catch up!

Roman Zelenka, CEO Kyle Kristoffersen, Idea Catalyst


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