Our SDL Trados Studio 2019 Workshop Was a Big Success

11. 12. 2018

We take cooperation with our vendors very seriously and when we state that we are truly there for them, this extends beyond just providing technical support and communicating with clients on behalf of our translators. Part of this mission statement also includes the annual training of the most widely-used CAT tool, SDL Trados Studio.

We believe that by providing this software proficiency training, our translators can perform more efficiently and increase the overall quality of service. This, in turn, gives us the means to provide them with a steady supply of projects.


We catered for both beginner and experienced users

Our Head of projects, Michael Borkovec, played an important role in starting off this year’s workshop by giving a brief introduction of CAT tools and then focused more on the SDL Trados Studio 2019. He presented practical examples and demonstrations of working with the software as well as answering all questions around purchasing options, installation and the general functions of working in SDL Trados Studio.

This year, we brought the workshop to a location close to our HQ in Zlín (last year, we hosted our translators in Košice). This allowed our project managers the opportunity to join our translators for a group lunch to get to know some of the new faces. This is something we thrive on at ZELENKA, we enjoy meeting in person because let’s face it, today’s communication is mostly done via phone and email which really isn’t as personal. The necessary close cooperation of our vendors and projects managers make these kinds of meetings not only pleasant but also very productive.

The afternoon program focused more on the advanced functions for the more experienced Studio users, including QA checks and working with the Translation Memory and terminology (Multiterm). The translators were introduced to new functions of the software, tips on how to maximize work efficiency and they took away information about the current trends in the translation industry.


Based on the feedback we have received, we are glad to report that we have achieved our goal in providing a workshop that was beneficial, practical and was able to provide the tools to help translators perform their daily tasks to the best of their ability. We couldn’t have asked for a better outcome or a more pleasant atmosphere.

We are also very pleased with how many came from afar, and a special shout-out to the lady that came all the way from Humenné (over 400 kilometers!) :-)

Thank you to all of those who attended, we are looking forward to the next session!


Do you also translate and would like a steady supply of work? Then look at our article “Our translators are our partners” and if you see yourself in it, sign up as our new vendor. Who knows, a long and successful cooperation might come of it.

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