Complete series of straight-to-the-point ZELENKA Event 2017 articles

9. 10. 2017

ZELENKA Events are our annual flagship events with one very important purpose: Bringing our VIP clients, translators and well-known industry experts together to share experiences and make the translation process smoother for everyone.

This year’s theme was “back to basics” and we divided all 70 participants (including executives from companies like Google, Lenovo, Adidas, Continental…) into five groups and discussed how we can move the translations industry forward, get the most out of the translation process and make everyone’s lives a bit easier.

And we heard so many great thoughts that we’ve decided to share them all with you in 5 quick-read articles, each covering a different aspect of the language industry.

We’ll introduce a new topic each week and we’re looking forward to hearing how these ideas help and inspire your own work.

Have a look at the best ideas from language industry all-stars in:


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